Take the Dent Out of Car Insurance with Secure Parking

A recent survey has shown the places where a car is least likely to be broken in to, there are no surprises at the place your car is most likely; residential streets, where 43% of motorists’ cars were damaged. One worrying fact revealed was that 72% of people had their car damaged deliberately by one way or another.

Where you park your car has a big effect on your car insurance, being able to park your car in a garage will considerably lower your quotes and save you money. According to research, having your car locked up in a garage can save you up to 35% (depending on the area you live) on your premium. If you do not have access to a garage then the next best places to keep your car are outside a school or restaurant, and outside a doctors or hospital car park. These all account for a mere 3% of vandalised cars each.

Choosing well-lit areas where there is CCTV cameras will go a long way to ensuring your car is as safe as possible. Saving money is especially important for young drivers looking young drivers’ car insurance as premiums will naturally be higher than those of a more experienced driver. Many people have garages full of all kinds of things that they will often never need again and simply tidying the garage up and making room for your car can save you so much money, surely it is worth a few hours of your weekend?

Car insurance quotes are easy to come by and shopping online can ensure you find the best of them by comparing various providers; Ford car insurance is a popular option and has some great deals available. When choosing your deal, be certain to give yourself every chance of saving money by making sure your car will be parked in safe areas and has the standard alarm systems.

Video SEO – How To Optimize Videos For Search Engines – Search Engine Marketing

Detailed list of important tips/guidelines for video search engine optimization

People usually love video, millions of Americans consume videos online and same is the case world over. A consumer is most likely to keep in mind and refer to a video in comparison to a print advertisement. These days video making is very economical as compared to the cost of a traditional commercial. Broadband is getting enormous popularity worldwide. Now people can watch videos without long download times or quality issues. Present generation considers video to be a reliable source of news and information. Online video for them is second to nature. Here are a few tips/hints for optimizing your video:

It is recommended that you create and submit a transcript for users and the search engines, add a transcript to each video file you’ve uploaded via your Video Status page. Create a Keyword Rich Title for your Transcript; include a brief introductory paragraph/synopsis that describes the subject matter of your transcript (and video) and be sure to publish your transcript.

Don’t forget to encode the keywords you are targeting into your video. Try to use the word “video” as much as possible, make sure the word “video” is used in your title, description, meta data etc.

Search engine crawlers rely a lot on the link texts to figure out what the video is all about as they are not capable to figure out the contents of the video otherwise. Therefore it is advisable to get as many back links as possible for your video.

It is advisable to create a separate sitemap just for your videos in your site and try to keep your video files in one directory this would help the web crawlers to locate your video files speedily and effortlessly.

It is very difficult for the web crawlers of any search engine to crawl into the video contents inside flash players so they usually prefer to stay away from such files. It is therefore advisable not to use such kind of file formats which discourages the web crawlers.

It is advisable to optimize the URLs of your video pages for the search engines with the help of mod_rewrite function so that the pages are freely assessable by the search engines.

Various video search engines use to capture thumbnails of your in different manner. Some of them take the first frame of your video, while others try to take from the middle or end. It is better to experiment with each site individually to make sure they are displaying the right thumbnail for your video. A video thumbnail is always crucial when it comes to decide for a viewer which video to watch.

Beside the above mentioned points there are few more points relevant for the optimization:

Always make sure viewers are searching for your targeted keywords regularly. If not, try to find the closest related keywords being searched.

Viewers who offer feedback are most likely to take the desired action on your video. This could be a good opportunity for you to submit fresh contents, if the most popular videos were included months ago, it really helps.